Be sure to read all FAQ before submitting a support ticket. Please use this feature only if you didn’t find answer in the section below. Usual response time to tickets is 24 hours and rate of our solved cases is 100%. We are thankful in advice for your patience.


In order to register an account on, you have to click the Sign up button and enter your email address and password. You can also register new account during checkout process.

You can always request password reset via your email. All you have to do is press on “Forgot password” link and follow instructions. Don’t forget to check your email spam folder.

Having a registered account is not necessary to buy on However if you have account, once you are logged in, your orders will be stored in your dashboard.

Always be sure to check the minimum requirements listed on the product’s description page and the Activation Details. For any technical problems such as bugs and/or black screens which are not related to the game key itself, please refer to the FAQ on the game developer’s website.

The easiest way to take a screenshot is to press Alt + PrntScn combination on your keyboard in order to copy the currently visible screen to the clipboard. Next, open any image editing software, such as Paint, and press Ctrl + V to paste the captured image. Finally, click on the Save button to save the image in a selected location.
It is strongly recommended to provide correct screenshots, as they are crucial to resolving the issue quickly. Please make sure that the following parameters are met:

– Maximum image resolution is 1920×1080
– Screenshots are saved in .jpg or .png format
– If you have a dual-monitor configuration, capture only the primary screen
– Screenshots are showing the entire desktop, including taskbar with date and time clearly visible
– The images were not edited in order to cover information

You can contact our Customer Support by submitting Support Ticket. Please avoid creating multiple tickets regarding the same issue, and keep in mind that every message resets the ticket waiting time delaying our response. Therefore, submitting multiple messages without our reply is not recommended, as this will most likely extend response time.

In this case write us a support ticket and we will quickly investigate issue. If we see that payment did go through, we will gladly change order status and you shall receive your item within 15 minutes.

Each status indicates a different state of an order:
– Pending Payment – Awaiting your payment, can be canceled in My Orders tab.
– Processing – Is paid and about to be completed. This usually takes up to 10 minutes.
– On hold – The dispatch has been held for some reason. You should find more details in our message – see your tickets in the Customer Support tab.
– Complete – Order has been processed, and the item is already delivered. It should be on your email as well as in your list of orders on your dashboard.
– Closed – Order is refunded by an administrator.
– Canceled – Unpaid order has been canceled. If you were charged, please provide us with at least the transaction ID but preferably all payment details.
– Banned – Order has been blocked due to safety reasons. Contacting our Customer Support highly advised.

We usually send you the product code within 15 minutes of receiving your payment. If it’s taking a bit longer, check your order status.

First of all you should read carefully if product is limited by region. If that’s not the case, contact our support by submitting a ticket.


Unfortunately, once the payment gateway is closed, there is no way to re-open it, hence the second payment attempt for the same order is impossible. If you haven’t been charged, we suggest canceling such order in the My Orders tab and just placing another one.

At this moment, we accept PayPal payments only.

Already delivered products cannot be returned. reserves its right not to accept any returns of already delivered items/game keys.

Order dispatch shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes after creating an invoice. However, there are many possibilities for a delayed order, ranging from technical issues to security reasons. Regardless, your first step should always be to check the order status and act in accordance with what the aforementioned status says (see the previous question for a more detailed description of each order status). doesn’t see or store your payment information. Only the payment services we use can see your payment information which is necessary for them to process the payment. All pages where you are required to enter your personal or payment information are highly secured.